Addicted To Meth

I haven’t blogged in a few days.. life gets hectic with three kids.

Picking up where I left off.. After my 35 year old boyfriend moved back to Gulf Shores, I was free to move on to the next. If I am going to be 100% honest with my readers I have to tell you that I did move on to the next and then the next and then the next. Any guy that came around with a little bit of dope in his pocket, I was interested in him. The drug made me feel invincible.
The couple that my mom and her boyfriend were getting the meth from had a son named Allen. We started hanging out and started dating. His mom and dad lived in the same trailer park as my mom and her boyfriend. I hated living with my mom and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was only 23 years old and was trying to be my stepdad. My mom was pretty strung out, as well as everyone around me. She would stay up for a week or more at a time. She would hide dope all over the house and then when she couldn’t remember what she did with it she would accuse me of taking it. I remember one time we had some people over and she started accusing me of taking her dope. She made me go in the bathroom and she strip-searched me. It was so embarrassing. We (Allen & myself) started renting another trailer at the same trailer park. Things went further downhill after that. My mom and her boyfriend split up and he left her. She started acting crazy.
(Around this time my 18th birthday had come around.) Allen and I wound up finding another trailer for rent across town, (This is actually how I met my current husband, but I’ll talk more about that later.) Me and Allen decided that we were going to start making our own trips to South Florida to get our own dope. We would drive 26 hours, round trip, to South Florida to buy an ounce or two 2 times a week. Before I Knew it, I was a drug dealer. The money wasn’t what I was after… I was after the high! We were walking around with four to five grand in our pocket every day and I never went shopping and bought anything for myself or anyone else. All I wanted to do was get high and draw or find something to tweak on. On our way back home from one of our trip we were stopped by the police. Allen handed me the ounce of Meth. I was very scared but shoved the sack in my secret pocket. The police searched our car and found a gram of meth and quarter of weed. They took us to jail for possession of marijuana and possession of controlled substance. I had never been to jail before so it was a terrifying experience for me. We bonded out two days later and instead of coming home to Mississippi we headed straight back down south to get some more dope.

I weighed less than a hundred pounds and my face was sunk in. I would stay up for so long that I would literally fall asleep walking. I never ate but when I did I had to make myself eat. It would feel like I was trying to chew on rubber. I was very sick. I liked to smoke meth. A lot of people around me was shooting it in their veins. I do not know how did not fall into that but I think it had something to do with my mom and dad. They both work intravenous drug users.

My mom went to jail on forgery charges. She stole some checks from some people that were letting her clean their house. Her sister, my aunt, the one that we had lived with … she was one of our clients. She was over every few days buying dope from us. She called me one day and wanted to know if I could get her some pot (green, weed, reggie, marijuana). Just so happened, our weed dealer lived right across from us. My aunt was looking for a quarter pound. My dealer was going to let me get a deal on a quarter pound so I figured why not make a little extra money .. Even though I didn’t need it at the time. Honestly, I was just trying to do my aunt a favor. I had never sold more than a quarter of weed. Anyways, she bought the quarter pound from me and came back later and got more. One time, when I was over at my neighbor’s house (my dealer), he had a friend over. His name was Donnie and he was so sexy. I had no idea but he was my landlord’s stepson. Later on I found out he was asking about me and it made my ❤ smile. A n y w a y s…
One day, while we were sitting at home tweaking, two narcotic agents came knocking on our door. They arrested me and Allen both. Our charges? Mine was two counts of sales of marijuana and one count of conspiracy to sell cocaine. I was beyond mad. I wasn’t smoking a lot of pot at the time because I was so high on meth that the marijuana would not get me high. So the only marijuana I had sold was to my aunt. She had brought an undercover narcotic agent to my house and bought almost a half a pound of marijuana from me. After we bonded out of jail this time, me and Allen didn’t last much longer. We were fighting a lot … I guess because of all the stress we were under. I wound up moving back to the Alabama / Mississippi State Line with my dad.. I went through about eight or nine months of drinking, clubbing, and doing any drug I could get my hands on. I partied until the day I had to go to court. As a matter of fact I smoked meth all the way to the courthouse. My lawyer told me that if I would sign a statement on Alan saying that he made all the money off the drugs that we sold then I could get probation time, but I refused. Even though we were split up was not raised to snitch. So my lawyer left the room and when he came back he had a piece of paper in his hand and he slammed it down on the table in front of me. It was Allen’s handwriting, and he had signed the statement on me. Allen got probation time and I that prison time. Went to prison at the age of 19. I turned my 20th birthday in there. While I was gone I got my GED. I was proud of that. One day, I got a letter from Donnie. When I read the name on the envelope my heart skipped a beat. He had wrote me a letter and told me that he thought I was pretty and that when I got out we could hang out and he would like for us to be friends… Or even more he said! I was gone for a year. I was out three days and I called Donnie up. I went to see him at his mom’s house and pretty much never left…..

My sexy husband

To Be Continued…


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